Step-by-step resume building for Canada


Step-by-step resume building techniques that helps you to land your dream jobs in Canada.

It’ll help you in your Job Search. Let’s break it down below, with the help of different colors so that you can find out what is what easier

  • We start each experience with an action verb; if it’s in a current position, you can put as present and if past, you put as -Ed (Example of great action verbs: Collaborated, managed, improved)
  • We put the specific hard skills and platform-based skills throughout resume to show that you fit the job description’s qualifications; at the bottom, you also have the skills and match them to your experiences where applicable which you can do for your own resume. (Example: I was going into Strategy/Operations, so I put relevant skills pertaining to the industry)
  • Put where you graduated, GPA if over a 3.5, organizations/awards, etc. IMO Relevant coursework is optional; you can add this if you don’t have relevant experience (yet) or are working on gaining those experiences.
  • Location as (City, State), LinkedIn (linked), phone number and email (Optional: Portfolio/Personal Website).
  • These are numbers and percentages from the positions you worked in and showcase what you did to impact the company. How did you get these numbers through a) asking your peers/managers b) calculated estimations based on observations?
  • This showcases if you improved, optimized or increased xyz which is related to Operations role lingo.
  • More broad or simple statements, these are relative to collaboration, providing recommendations, and identifying solutions to potential problems.

Education at the top if a student/new grad, move to bottom after experiences once early in career/professional.


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