List of free websites recommended by mentors and peers


Wanted to share a list of free websites we got to know about over the years from mentors and peers. These always help us. We hope the list will help others too. Please let me know the ones you find helpful ! 😊

1. Preparing figures, posters etc.

2. convert, merge, edit .pdf

3. Calculating molarity, mass, volume etc.

4. Finding connected papers

5. Antibody and reagent database

6. Annotated and predicted human genes

7. Protein sequence and functional information

8. Protein association network

9. Human protein atlas

10. Cell specific gene expression in human and mouse brain

11. Interactive brain atlas for human, monkey, mouse, rat

12. Design and order plasmids, viral vectors etc.

13. All NIH and NCBI tools and websites (and imageJ 😊)

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